Post Office, Tentel, TalkTalk Business increase line rental

Landline providers Post Office, Tentel, and TalkTalk Business have raised the monthly cost of their line rental, as well Post Office’s broadband prices.

TalkTalk Business' line rental has risen from £15.50 (£18.60 including VAT) up to £16.95 (£20.34 including VAT). That's just for its business phone customers, though - if you've got a TalkTalk phone line in your home, your bill won't be affected. In fact, a TalkTalk spokesperson told ISPReview that the provider has "no plans to increase line rental at this time" for its home customers, so that's good.

Tentel, meanwhile, has risen its line rental costs for home customers up from £15.99 per month to £17.49 per month - still lower than line rental from BT, but a price raise nonetheless. Broadband costs won't be affected.

Post Office has brought in a number of small price rises across the board, for its phone line, calls, and broadband services.

  • Line rental is now £16.99, with Line Rental Saver £179.88
  • Call connection charge is 16p
  • Standard evening calls are 10p per minute, and mobile calls 13p per minute
  • Premium mobile calls are 13p per minute
  • Access charge for numbers beginning with 090, 118, 084, and 087 is now 10p per minute
  • Broadband Essential is now £25 per month - £23.99 per month if you get Home Phone too
  • Broadband Premium is £28 per month - £26.99 per month with Home Phone

Although costs may be higher, they still represent some of the lowest in the market, particularly in terms of line rental.

If you're a Post Office, Tentel, or TalkTalk Business customer and aren't happy with the price increase, Ofcom rules that you can cancel your contract without a penalty, even if you're still in the minimum term.

Source: ISPReview

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