The latest internet sensation: a puddle in Newcastle

This afternoon, the internet saw an unlikely new hero - a large puddle in Drummond, Newcastle. A live feed of the small body of water on Periscope has had viewers from all over the UK tuning in to watch Geordies skip, jump, and wade through the grubby rainfall.

The word 'stream' took on a stagnant new meaning today, as #DrummondPuddleWatch climbed quickly to the top of Twitter trends in the United Kingdom, with bored citizens tweeting their thoughts and feelings on Drummond's bravest. For some time the main attraction was a woman with a pushchair trying to cross the puddle, but things began to pick up when someone placed a WET FLOOR sign in the middle of it.

Since then, savvy Geordies have crept up to the puddle to wave to the camera, splash through on an inflatable lilo, and ponder it with a surfboard under their arm.

Periscope is an Android and iOS app that lets users livestream anything they want. It's been used to broadcast concerts, sunsets, and skiing adventures, but as far as we know this is the first time anyone's livestreamed something as exciting as a puddle.

The stream has been awash with comments:

We need a lifeguard. This could get serious. - @Lawrox

Kid went in that puddle about 15 minutes ago. Didn't see him again. - @BenedictTown

There will be a movie made about this - @putasinghonit

And Twitter has hardly shut up either.

Already the news of the day has been picked up by Radio 1, Loose Women, Sky News, BBC News, and The Telegraph. At the time of writing, the puddle's fame is starting to truly stretch out of the UK and getting picked up all over the world, if the Cyrillic-text comments on Periscope are anything to go by.

Watch the feed while it lasts on Periscope.

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