The speaking clock will soon have a new voice - and it could be you

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BT is seeking a new sound for the speaking clock, and it’s looking to the great British public to provide it. The telecoms provider is holding a competition to commemorate the clock’s 80th anniversary, with the winner becoming its new voice.

The speaking clock service, officially called Timeline, provides the exact time, announced every 10 seconds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was started back in July 1936, intended for people who don't have a watch or clock.

Since then, the clock has had four voices. The current one is Brighton's Sara Mendes da Costa, who won a competition back in 2007. She'll be replaced by whoever wins BT's latest competition, but she'll still have some involvement - she's one of the judges for this year's contest.

Mendes da Costa said that she was sad to no longer be the voice of the clock, but "10 years is not a bad run."

The competition is being run in partnership with BBC weeknight chatfest The One Show, and if you want to apply you'll need to do so on the show's website. Be quick though - you only have until 10pm on Monday 29 August to do so.

The script you'll have to say is already online, so if you can say "At the third stroke it will be one twenty four and fifty seconds," in an interesting and articulate way, then go for it, and good luck.

The winners will be announced in November.

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