YouTube Gaming to launch in UK this summer

YouTube is launching a dedicated gaming site later this year. The new service will rival Amazon's Twitch, offering live broadcasts and a hub for archived videos and other content.

Gaming videos are among the most-watched content on YouTube withpopular vlogger - that's video blogger to you and me - PewDiePiegenerating more than 352 million views a month. YouTube Gaming willnow offer the chance for gamers to watch videos in real time and tointeract with others.

YouTube Gaming product manager, Alan Joyce said: "On YouTube,gaming has spawned entirely new genres of videos, from let's plays,walkthroughs, and speedruns to cooking and music videos. Now, it'sour turn to return the favour with something built just forgamers."

Twitch's live streaming service attracted more than 100 millionviewers every month last year. However, that figure was dwarfed bythose that watched "let's plays" and other gaming content onYouTube.

Google will be hoping that its new services will entice viewersto make the switch from Twitch, which was bought by Amazon for $970million last year, and the less popular Steam Broadcastingservice.

YouTubeGaming will feature 25,000 individual game portals thatwill show all of the activity for a particular game on one singlepage. Viewers will also be able to add their favourite games to acollection for quick access, subscribe to channels and receiverecommendations.

The website and an app for iOS and Android will arrive in the USand UK this summer.

Source: The Guardian

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