Apple reinstates peach emoji after new design hits a bum note

According to reports, Apple has abandoned a plan to replace the beloved peach emoji with one that looks less like a bum. Right - let’s get to the bottom of this…

The peach emoji is a particular favourite for many people, who use it to represent a posterior. Butt Apple rear-ended those plans when the beta version of iOS 10.2 - the latest version of its iPhone operating system - replaced it with a more realistic, rounded peach with a less prominent groove. Something of a bum deal for those who loved it then.

Indeed, people immediately started assking for the old icon back, and although some were concerned that the notoriously rudeness-averse company would stick to their buns, it looks like Apple's not going to sit on the problem after all.

The peach icon will now be back to its groovy old form, rejoining the aubergine in all their symbolic glory. That said, it is slightly different to before. Apple's been replacing its cartoony emoji with more textured, 'realistic' versions, and the peach matches that new style.

But the basic design is, at least back now, so if you were cross with Apple for taking away your precious peach/bum emoji you can forgive it now. Turn the other cheek, as it were.

Source: Guardian

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