Apple to make iPhone 4 'obsolete’

If you’re still using an iPhone 4, it may be time to think about switching. From the end of the month, Apple will no longer issue any updates to the six year old device.

Apple has added the old iPhone 4 to its growing list of obsolete products, which it defines as any device that was discontinued more than five years ago. That means it's officially curtains for its trusty fourth generation smartphone.

It's been a while since Apple dropped dedicated support for the phone - it only supports iOS up to 7.1.2, for example - but the newly-defined obsolescence will mean that from the end of the month the iPhone 4 will no longer receive any software updates or security patches.

That means that if you still use an iPhone 4, it's wise to change your phone. If you're dedicated to the iPhone (Apple's closed infrastructure has a way of making people reluctant to leave), you can get an iPhone 6 or 6s for no money upfront on affordable plans. Alternatively, there are loads of excellent Android phones available - in short, it's worth shopping around a bit.

Apple's current generation handset is the iPhone 7. It is in many ways its best phone yet, with a superb camera and lots of power. The removal of a standard headphone jack, however, has proven to be a deal breaker for some.

Also worth being aware of - as well the iPhone 4, Apple's updated obsolete list will also apparently include the 13-inch Macbook Air, which came out in 2010. So if you're still using one, it's also worth considering upgrading.

Source: The Mirror

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