BT Mobile launches 6GB-per-month plans

BT Mobile has introduced a new happy medium tier on its mobile plans. Available either as a SIM-only deal or a pay-monthly plan with a handset, it’ll offer 6GB data per month with unlimited calls and texts.

It's intended to bridge the gap between BT's 2GB and 15GBtariffs, and costs £15 a month if you've got BT Broadband or £20 ifyou don't.

The 6GB tier also comes with free BT Sport via the app - anextra you can currently get with 15GB or 20GB plans, but sadly not500MB or 2GB ones.

So, the network's plans are now these:

  • 500MB data, 400 minutes, unlimited texts - £5 per month with BTBroadband, £10 without
  • 2GB data, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts - £10 per month with BTBroadband, £15 without
  • 6GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, BT Sport app - £15 amonth with BT Broadband, £20 without
  • 15GB data (currently 20GB), unlimited minutes and texts, BTSport app - £20 with BT Broadband, £25 without

All SIM-only versions are on 12-month contracts, while handsetplans usually last 24 months. They all include free use of publicBT Wi-Fi hotspots around the country too.

Eagle-eyed mobile fans will notice that the cost of itshighest-tier plan, the 15GB (or 20GB) one, has gone up in price byabout a fiver. At least you get 5GB extra data per month if yousign up to it ASAP.

Source: BT

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