BT Mobile launches new Family SIM plan

BT has launched a new service that offers families up to five SIMs on a single contract. The company says that the plan could save families hundreds of pounds a year compared to buying individual contracts.

The plan is designed so that the more people added onto it, the bigger the saving it delivers. The first SIM purchased on the plan is put on a 12 month contract. Then, 30 day SIMs can be added whenever you want.

The plan is available with either 2GB or 15GB data a month. The 2GB option's a good choice for standard users - if you don't do anything data-heavy like watching video over 4G. If you do plan to use mobile internet for that sort of thing, the 15GB option's probably better.

Let's do some maths then. If a family of five bought five individual family SIMs with 2GB data a month, they'd pay £10 a month, for a total of £50 a month. In comparison, the Family SIM would cost £36 a month - the equivalent of £7.20 per SIM.

That's all assuming that the family has BT Broadband, and the discount that gives them on mobile. If they don't, the contracts would work out at £5 more - they'd still save money though.

Of course, there's also a strong possibility that one poor sap will end up paying for everyone, but such is the lot of a parent, we suppose.

BT put together a handy table that more fully outlines what savings you can get with the Family SIM.

John Petter, the CEO of BT Consumer, said: "We believe our new Family SIM deal offers a simple way for households to purchase mobile services and is the best value deal on the market today. UK families will be able to make substantial savings on mobile bills, freeing up much needed household budget."

Source: Seenit

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