Charing Cross is the best station for mobile internet in London

Out of all the stations in London, Charing Cross is the best for mobile internet. That’s according to new tests from mobile analytics firm, RootMetrics, which also looked at how each of the UK’s major networks performed in the city’s commuter hubs.

RootMetrics' researchers performed a series of tests at each station that, which looked at the speed of the mobile internet in each place, and how quickly they could access content like email, maps and music, use apps and transfer data. Each network was assigned a score, depending on how ably they handled the tests - the better the score, the better the operator performed.

The station with the fastest average download speed was Charing Cross - a median speed of 53Mb was recorded on EE. Although the 4G specialist was the fastest on average, it was Vodafone that got the highest score, as it beat EE on other factors involved in the calculation, including consistency of speeds.

Paddington also gets good speeds, according to RootMetrics. It recorded an average speed of 25.4Mb on EE's network, making it the second fastest station in the capital. Third was Victoria, where an average download speeds of 23.1Mb was recorded on Vodafone.

The second slowest speeds were recorded at Waterloo, with the best network being Vodafone once again, with an average speed of 18.4Mb. But bottom of the pile is King's Cross - the best-performing network was EE, but average speeds were only 15.2Mb.

The research also looked at how reliable each network was at each station. The networks performed well at almost every station.

O2 was found to be most reliable at Charing Cross and Paddington. Vodafone was the top dog at Waterloo, while EE dominated King's Cross. In each case, each winner scored more than 99.4 out of 100. The exception was Victoria, where every network, including top performer Vodafone, scored less than 90.

Overall though, it seems most mobile networks work reliably at London stations. If only the trains did, eh?

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