EE and Vodafone are ‘best’ UK networks, study finds

A new study conducted by tech consultancy P3 has found that EE and Vodafone are the top performing networks in the UK. Researchers recorded strong performance in different categories, including data and voice.

P3 tested the quality of each network in a series of measurements, taken while walking, driving and indoors to reflect the different environments in which phones are used. Each network was given an overall score out of 1,000, with EE and Vodafone coming out on top with 803 points.

Vodafone was the most improved network, and was found to offer the best voice performance. 4G specialist EE was declared the best for data, with web browsing, file transfers and high definition video streaming performing better on its network than its rivals.

Appropriately enough, Three was in third place, with a score of 778. P3 acknowledged it for a particularly strong performance on roads and in smaller towns. That, of course, means last place has to go to O2, with a score of 747. Despite its position, it was the second most improved network compared to previous tests, and its voice performance was also strong.

Hakan Ekmen, the CEO of P3, said: "Our tests are good news for the UK's mobile customers, because for the first time three networks are in our 'good' category, even though this year's tests were the toughest yet.

"All operators have improved compared to 2015's exercise and further developments are expected in the coming year with Voice over LTE and extended 4G coverage."

Source: TechWeek Europe

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