EE calls for mobile networks to be ‘clear on coverage’

A mobile phone isn’t much good if you can’t get signal, right? In a bid to make that little issue a bit easier to deal with, network EE is calling for all providers to be more ‘Clear on Coverage’, and provide better info on what customers’ mobile signal will be like.

"A 4G signal is no longer a 'nice to have' - it's a 'must-have'," CEO Marc Allera said. "Today, people think they will get mobile coverage absolutely everywhere, because as an industry we've talked about coverage with confusing population metrics, and language that sets the wrong expectations. Too often, the customer experience has been very different from the marketing. This has to stop."

He's called for all mobile operators to publish "clearer geographic coverage information", give the public updates on coverage, including data speeds and what signal is like on major roads, and work together to create clearer language and marketing.

That's all easy for EE to say, of course - it's the most widely-available network in the country by all standards, so its own clarity on coverage will always look impressive. In fact, the company has literally improved its coverage overnight.

It's switched on 4G in the new 800MHz frequency at 700 sites, which has brought superfast 4G to 75% of the UK and immediately filled in 5,000 square kilometres' worth of not-spots in some parts of the country.

That includes parts of Berkshire, Derbyshire, Glasgow, Oban, Shropshire, Snowdonia, and Somerset, with another 3,000 sites set to go live with the frequency next year as well.

It's also launched a new network status checker tool - check it out if you're a customer or thinking of switching.

Source: EE

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