EE launches new data roaming add-ons and passes

EE has scrapped its old Euro Data Pass and reinvigorated data roaming add-ons, just in time for your winter getaway. The new Travel Data Pass will cost between £3-5 per day, with the exact cost varying depending on where you’re travelling to.

The Travel Data Pass gives you 500MB of data to use each day you buy it

So, that means that using the internet for a week in France will cost about £21, rising to £35 if you're visiting Australia. It's also worth mentioning that a lot of EE plans include some roaming data as standard: it's 500MB on the regular 4GEEplan, and you can use your usual data allowance abroad with 4GEE Max plans.

Here are the three passes you can get:

  • £3 per day - 500MB data each day in the European Zone
  • £4 per day - 500MB data each day in the USA and Canada
  • £5 per day - 500MB data each day in Australia, China, India, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and UAE

The European Zone covers almost all countries in Europe. If you're currently using a Euro Data Pass, you'll be transferred to a Travel Data Pass automatically.

As well as the passes, EE has also changed around its data roaming add-ons for Zones B, C, and D. The new prices for the add-ons are as follows.

Zone B

  • 20MB, 1 day - £5
  • 45MB, 1 day - £5
  • 90MB, 7 days - £20
  • 200MB, 7 days - £40

Zone C

  • 10MB, 1 day - £5
  • 22MB, 1 day - £10
  • 40MB, 7 days - £20
  • 100MB, 7 days - £40

Zone D

  • 5MB, 1 day - £5
  • 11MB, 1 day - £10
  • 20MB, 7 days - £20
  • 45MB, 7 days - £40

Source: EE

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