EE tops latest RootMetrics mobile speed report

RootMetrics has crowned EE as the UK’s best mobile network in a new report. EE topped the charts in all six of the categories in the latest performance test, including speed, text and call performance.

EE's dominance isn't exactly surprising as RootMetrics' datadoes not differentiate between 3G and 4G performance, giving theUK's largest network a distinct advantage - it had a year's headstart on rivals Three, O2 and Vodafone BT when it came to launching4G.

Vodafone, which finished last in the latest overall performancetest, has also questioned RootMetrics' use of unnamed"off-the-shelf" smartphones to compile the data, which could affectthe consistency of test equipment and results.

Despite those concerns, RootMetrics said that speeds aren'tslipping and revealed that all four major networks are actuallygetting faster. This conclusion contradicts recent reports thatsuggested 4G network performance was rapidly deteriorating.

EE was the fastest network by some margin; recording mediandownloads speeds of 14.8Mb and 22.8Mb in Coventry and Nottingham,respectively. Belfast currently has the highest speeds with EE,recording a snappy 30Mb.

Three did manage to challenge EE in one category after comingjoint top for network reliability. However, RootMetrics said Threewas the "only network to never record 10Mb or greater in our mediandownload speed results for the 16 metros."

There were also words of encouragement for Vodafone. Theprovider propped up the pile with an overall 78.8 RootScore but isexpected to fair better in the next report after "aggressivelyupgrading its 4G footprint."

Source: Expert Reviews

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