England, Scotland and Wales flags to become emoji

Three new emoji that represent the flags of England, Wales and Scotland have been approved for release. The patriotic icons will be widely available to use later this year.

There are already plenty of flag emoji in use, but the UK has, until this point, only been represented by the Union Jack. That's fine for general use, but not so useful if you're cheering on your national team, for example.

The three flags were approved for release by the Unicode Technical Committee - a group of technology organisations that include Google, Facebook and Apple, responsible for agreeing standards for new emoji.

People in the UK have been asking for home nations flags for a while now. According to Jeremy Burge, the founder of the Emojipedia website, they represent the three most requested emoji flags of all. He and Owen Williams of BBC Wales, have been campaigning for their arrival for some time.

Even former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has gotten involved, writing to Unicode and Apple to ask for a Saltire emoji.

Now it's finally happening. Unicode president Mark Davis announced the news on Twitter, and it's expected that they'll be widely available in the second half of the year.

Source: The Telegraph

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