Google finally launches Tango ‘augmented reality’ mobile

The first smartphone equipped with Google Tango - Google’s ‘augmented reality’ tech - has finally been released today. For now it's only available with one phone - but we can expect a whole load of AR optimised apps and phones to come in the near future.

Project Tango is essentially Google's AR baby. It's been tinkered with it for over two years, but it is finally ready to ship to the general public in the form of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Catchy.

The phone comes with 35 apps that support AR, which is sure to make gaming on your phone a whole lot more vivid. We're not entirely sure what these 35 apps are just yet, but we can only hope to see candy being crushed into the objects around you or angry birds hurtling towards family members.

Away from the gaming side of things, phone-based AR still has a lot going for it. If synced with Google Maps for example, you could hold your phone up to the road in front of you and see arrows guiding you to your destination, or highlighting shop fronts that might be of interest.

Another cool feature that we do know about is an app called iStaging. You essentially hold up the phone to a piece of furniture in your house, and the AR technology can show you what a new ornament or lamp might look like on your desk.

First iterations of technology are always a tad shaky, but there is definitely the sense that this has the potential be something special.

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is out now for $499 (about £345).

Source: Tech Crunch

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