Hove bar blocks mobile phone signals to get people chatting

A cocktail bar in Hove, East Sussex has blocked mobile phone signals, in a bid to stop people from staring at their screens and actually talk to each other instead.

Mobile phones are pretty awesome most of the time… except whenyou're at the pub. How many conversations have been derailed bypeople drifting off to Facebook? How many fun arguments defused bypesky fact checking? And don't even get us started on pubquizzes.

Steve Tyler, of the Gin Tub, seems particularly against ourpocket pals. He's built a Faraday cage into his bar - that's ametal construction that traps electromagnetic waves outside somobile phone signals can't get in.

Tyler wants to try to force people to interact with each otherface to face again, and blames social media for "killing pubs".

He said: "If the person you are with goes to the bathroom, theproblem with mobiles is they insulate you from talking to otherpeople. I want you to enjoy the experience of going out."

If you do feel the need to make a call, you can use one of theold-style phones on each table, which let you either phone anothertable for a random chat or, more importantly, order moredrinks.

Not everyone's convinced that the Gin Tub will be a successthough. Social Media expert Zoe Cairns told the BBC that turningoff mobile access will be a turn off for patrons.

"Mobile phones are every part of our life now and if we go intoa bar, a club and we are looking for our phones, it does take awaythat socialising aspect of it," she said,

"But I do believe [the idea] is going to isolate that particulargeneration."

Source: BBC

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