LG G6 confirmed to launch this month

Mobile manufacturer LG has sent invitations to the press confirming that it plans to announce the latest version of its flagship phone alongside Mobile World Congress later this month.

While not overflowing with information, the invitation confirms that the new phone will be called the LG G6 - shocker, we know - and will be officially unveiled to the world on 26 February. It also seems to back up rumours that the company's going big on the screen.

And we mean big - the LG G6 will have have a larger, longer screen that the previous model, with leaks pointing towards extremely thin bezels - essentially covering the whole front of the handset. Earlier rumours have suggested that the G6 will have a 5.7in quad-HD display, which would put it in line with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Reports also suggest that the handset will use Android Nougat, feature a new Snapdragon 835 processor, and be waterproof and dustproof, though LG has yet to officially confirm that's the case.

What we do know is that the manufacturer is calling it a day on 'Friends'. The LG G5 was an extremely interesting device - it was modular, allowing you to pull off the bottom and stick on a peripheral. For example, you could add improved speakers, or gadgets to improve photography.

While a brave attempt to do something different in an increasingly stagnant mobile market, it didn't really take off.

The LG G6 will be announced the day before Mobile World Congress - the world's biggest mobile expo - kicks off, but it will no doubt be showing it off extensively, so we'll get much more information then.

Source: TechRadar

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