LG G6 will be friendless

The next flagship handset from LG will drop the modular design used by the LG G5. The Electronic Times of Korea reports that the G6 will go back to the tried and tested slab look favoured by most manufacturers.

The LG G5 was that rarest of things - a smartphone that was trying to do things a bit differently. In this case it had a slick, modular design that let you slide off the bottom of the handset and add on peripherals. For example, you could boost battery with a power pack, add a module that improved the camera functionality, or add a speaker.

It was all quite exciting - something new in a rather predictable market. But sadly, according to the reports, it didn't sell very well, with phone owners not enthused about the prospect of splashing out on extra gadgetry for their already quite expensive gadget.

Another problem was that LG had difficulty manufacturing the add-ons, which meant supplies were rather low. The Bang and Olufsen speaker attachment, for example, was not available at launch.

It also probably didn't help that LG decided to call these additional modules 'LG Friends' - a name that is both wince-inducingly naff and impossible not to openly mock.

So the LG G6 may be a bit of a Billy no-mates, which leaves the Motorola Moto Z as the last major device flying the flag for modular design. It also means that LG G5 owners who have embraced its - ugh - 'friends' are unlikely to see any new ones released in the future.

Source: Electronic Times of Korea | Pocket Lint

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