Mobile adverts officially cost more than desktop ads

According to a study into ad spending by IAB UK and PwC, firms are spending more money on mobile adverts than they are on desktop browser ads for the first time.

Total spend on specifically mobile display ads in the first half of the year was about £802 million (!), even more than the total spend on PC and tablet display ads - £762 million. The amount their spending on smartphone ads equals about 36% of firms' digital advertising budget, nine times what it was five years ago.

The fastest growing ad format was video adverts for mobiles, which saw its advertising spend rise by a huge 129% to £298 million.

As you can probably guess, the change in ad spending has changed to reflect how we use our gadgets. Tech users tend to use their smartphones more than their computer - nearly a third of Brits, for instance, use their mobile as their primary source of news.

IAB chief strategy officer Tim Elkington said: "It's a significant moment, as mobile now overtakes desktop… Consequently, marketers devote more ad spend to mobile as they increasingly cotton on to the fact that people essentially carry an ad platform with them wherever they are.

"The wider range of activities and longer time people spend on them is why companies are raising mobile budgets. It's also a more effective way for advertisers to deliver more relevant and immediate offers such as those related to certain locations or time of day."

Source: The Drum | Press Gazette

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