Mobile startup designs circular phone for women

ByKim Staples
Women using phones

Tech startup dToor has created a mobile phone that shuns the usual rectangular form. Aimed at women, it’s named the Cyrcle Phone.

The dToor website notes the company's aversion to all things with right angles: "Our generation has been brainwashed into thinking that the rectangular shape is attractive simply because it is easy to manufacture. Nature itself is filled with very few rectangles. Why aren't we striving to make a more natural and sensual form?"

The natural and sensual form that dToor have selected for their smartphone is a circular clamshell that looks eerily like a powder compact.

Cyrcle Phone

The Cyrcle Phone in all its glory. Image: @CyrChristina

The site goes on to explain why rectangles are bad for women and compact shapes are good. "First, truly feminine clothing does not normally have pockets," the website says, "and if it does, the pockets are frequently too small or not shaped to accept a large rectangular object. Second, women need to be connected as women love to talk, text, and communicate through any means available on smartphones with their family, friends, and lovers."

Different sections of the website's home page are separated into individual rectangles.

Founders Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa created the Cyrcle with a 3D-printed body and a Seeed RePhone Kit. The current version is a basic 2G model with a tiny round display in the lower circle of the compact.

The phone hasn't reached its final form yet, though: by next year, it should have 4G, two edge-to-edge circular displays, and Android OS. Are those specs enough to rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 for women across the globe? Only time will tell.

The first generation of Cyrcle Phones will be available for $100 via Kickstarter. If a sensual lady phone appeals to you, look out for it in August, or sign up for email updates via the dToor website.

Source: CNET

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