Netflix Android app now lets you download shows to microSD card

Netflix has released an update for its Android app that adds the ability to download shows to microSD cards for offline viewing.

The ability to download shows to watch offline is a great feature of the Netflix app, but some users felt limited by the capacity of their smartphones. Video files are fairly chunky in size, and there's limited storage space on most smartphones - especially if they're clogged up with apps and gurning selfies.

The ability to save films and shows to SD cards means that people can now store far more, thus putting an end to their storage woes.

Not everyone's problems are solved though. The feature isn't available on every Android phone with a microSD slot, and Netflix hasn't revealed which specific devices can use the feature.

What's more, those of us with iPhones won't be getting this feature anytime soon - Apple has never offered expandable storage in its smartphones, and we suspect it won't be happening anytime soon either.

Still, if you're a commuter or a regular traveller with a compatible Android phone, this is great news. We have to say, binging The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on the way to work sounds like a pretty good way to start the day.

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