New 5G research centre demos 4K Ultra HD streaming

A new £70 million 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), based at the University of Surrey, has successfully delivered 4K Ultra HD content on a 5G network.

5G will be a considerable leap forward compared to 4G, with higher speeds, increased capacity and reduced latency. The centre is aims to develop 5G that's around 50 times faster than the today's top mobile internet connections.

5GIC worked with the BBC and tech firm Huawei to test delivering Ultra HD video. The process involved sending footage filmed at 4K - that's around four times sharper than standard HD - over its next-generation network, at speeds of between 100Mb and 200Mb.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli of 5GIC said: "This centre is the first of its kind and will help us focus our efforts on 5G technologies and the impact they will have on the connected world.

"Connectivity of devices to the internet will be as important as communications between people, and there are numerous industries that need to be modernised with wireless technologies in areas like cars, homes, future factories and health services."

Despite only opening officially this month, the centre has been operational for a while. Earlier this year, it developed tech that could reach potentially reach speeds of 1Tb - more than 60,000 times faster than you currently get with 4G connections.

These latest tests by the centre indicate that 5G should eventually achieve communication regulator Ofcom's hope 0of delivering a "further step change in the capacity of wireless networks."

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