New BlackBerry smartphone revealed at CES

When BlackBerry made the decision to end smartphone production last year, many thought it was finally game over for the once kings of mobile. But BlackBerry’s not out of lives yet - a new phone is on the way.

The new handset - referred to (for now) as the BlackBerry Mercury - was teased at the Consumer Electronics Show, currently taking place in Las Vegas. Journalists have been given hands-on time with the as-yet unnamed phone, and they report that visually, it shares a lot of design cues from the iPhone 7. It does have one very BlackBerry quirk though - a QWERTY keyboard.

The phone isn't being made by BlackBerry itself, but rather TCL Communications Technology, the manufacturer behind Alcatel. The company's previously made the BlackBerry DTEK 50 and DTEK 60, and like those handsets the new phone will use a modified version of Android.

Specifications are yet to be officially revealed, though demos reveal it's using Android 7.0 - also known as Nougat - 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. BlackBerry enthusiast site CrackBerry also points at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 18 megapixel (MP) rear camera and 8MP front camera, and the phone will come bundled with BlackBerry's productivity apps and messaging tools.

While all the specs are still confirmed by TCL, it seems likely that we're looking at a mid-range price point. Which, considering how far BlackBerry's star has fallen since its heyday, is probably sensible.

Source: PC Magazine

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