Nokia says it will release a smartphone in 2017

Nokia has confirmed that it plans to release a new smartphone next year. The Finnish company has been out of the handset market since it sold its mobile phone business in 2014, but it looks like it’s finally coming back.

The existence of the new handsets was officially revealed last week, when a corporate presentation mentioned that 2017 would see "Nokia brand's return to smartphones". Now, Nokia has confirmed that it will indeed release new mobile phones. They'll likely be announced at Mobile World Congress in February next year, where Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri is scheduled to speak.

Nokia's original device business, including the Lumia name, was sold to Microsoft back in 2014. But despite Microsoft's best efforts, and some excellent devices, its Windows Phones were never embraced by consumers in the same way that Apple or Samsung's were, and the company's scaled back its mobile plans extensively as a result.

But although Microsoft struggled, Nokia's remaining business kept trading, and now it's ready to take another stab at the mobile market. It's teaming up with a new Finnish manufacturer called HMD to produce the handsets, using the classic Nokia branding.

There aren't any firm details about the mobile phones other than the fact they exist, but it seems likely they'll be based on Android - after all, the company surely learned something about backing unproven operating systems from their struggles with Windows Phone, right?

A report on the Nokia Power User website indicates that there will actually be two high-performance handsets, both running Android Nougat - the most recent version of the operating system.

That's unconfirmed of course - we'll find out what exactly the company has to offer early next year, and whether it marks the welcome return of an icon, or a last hurrah for a faded brand.

Source: Telegraph

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