Nuu releases a £40 smartphone in the UK

Smartphones seem to cost more and more these days, but mobile manufacturer Nuu is taking a gentler approach to pricing that doesn’t leave such a big hole in your wallet.

The Hong Kong based company is entering the UK market for the first time, bringing three cheap and fairly smart smartphones with them. Depending which one takes your fancy, they will either set you back £40, £100, or £130.

To put that in perspective, for the price of one 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, you could get 23 Nuu A1 handsets, priced at £40 each. You probably won't need 23 Nuu phones, but hey, the more you know.

Granted, the A1 is not going to be receiving an A+ when it comes to specs. You really don't get a huge amount with the phone, with a 4-inch screen, a frankly tiny 1.3GHz processor, and only 512MB of RAM, but remember you're only having to fork out £40 for the little fella.

There is definitely a market for this type of phone, however. Nuu is hoping it'll make waves as a temporary 'festival phone', and says it makes a great first phone for kids. And since the phone has two SIM card slots (which is not too common to see in the UK), Nuu reckons it's good for travelling - one slot has your home SIM in, the other has a SIM native to the particular country you happen to find yourself in.

The £40 A1, £100 N5L, and £130 X4 are now all available for purchase in the UK.

Source: Tech Radar

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