It's only been out for a month, but iPhone 7s are already being stolen

The iPhone 7 has only been out for a month, but one in eight owners have already been targeted by opportunistic thieves. An unlucky 12% of users have found themselves phone-less thanks to theft - or 54 per day in London alone.

Many things come with the annual launch of an iPhone, with most of us getting ourselves worked up about waterproofing, cameras, and an absence of a headphone jack - but not many stop to consider how many of these brand new shiny (or matte) devices end up getting stolen.

Research from insurance provider Back Me Up has shown that not only have 12% of iPhone 7 users had their phone stolen, but one in 10 of these thefts occur within the first day of purchase. A third of victims didn't even think it was worth reporting to the police.

As tempting as it is to spend the first 24 hours with a new phone showing it off to everyone you see, be wary that there are people who see it not as a phone, but as a hefty chunk of £20 notes in your hand. Keep it in your pockets, folks - ideally one that is hard to pickpocket.

Taking the findings above into consideration, one might assume that all smartphone users have their respective phones insured - no matter whether it happens to be the latest and greatest from Apple, Samsung, or Sony. Alas, findings from the same survey suggest that less than half (44%) of users have sought out insurance.

Ultimately, we suggest treating your new phone like the £700-odd device that it is - take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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