Plusnet launches 4G mobile phone service

Ever told someone to get a life? That’s exactly what Plusnet’s done - it’s acquired mobile operator LIFE Mobile, and will start selling mobile plans from 29 November 2016. So this month, in other words.

LIFE Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it uses another company's network to deliver services - EE's specifically. That makes sense when you consider that BT owns both EE and Plusnet. What's more, EE owns LIFE, having bought it from Phones 4U when the retailer when kablooey.

Clearly, lots of businessy stuff has been going on behind the scenes, but the upshot for LIFE Mobile customers is that their service will become Plusnet Mobile on 29 November.

There's an FAQ on LIFE Mobile's page that should answer most of the questions you may have, but initially at least the biggest differences will be that you'll see emails come from Plusnet, and the carrier name on your mobile will change.

We don't have much more information that that at present, but we expect that Plusnet broadband customers will get a discount if they switch to mobile too.

Andy Baker, the CEO of Plusnet said: "This is an incredibly exciting moment in our company's history. True to our Yorkshire roots, Plusnet has always prided itself on offering customers more for less, and extending our offering to include a mobile service is a natural next step as we move to become a full-service quad-play provider.

"With the launch of Plusnet Mobile, we'll be helping more people stay connected on-the-go with our fantastic data-packed deals and highly competitive rates."

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