Despite the Note 7 issues, Samsung still lead the smartphone market

Despite reports of the Note 7 catching fire, Samsung still leads the smartphone market - although it does have its lowest recorded market share in years.

We all heard about the exploding and/or spontaneously combusting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back in September, and everyone assumed it would be incredibly damaging to the South Korean tech giants. For the most part, it has been, with mobile sales down 15% and shipments down 13.5%. This equates to a loss of - brace yourself - £276 million.

It's not all bad news though, as Samsung still manages to remain firmly seated in the driving seat of the market share battle, beating out its competitor, Apple. We are well into Q4 now, but Q3 showed Samsung holding 20% of the mobile phone industry market share. Apple, meanwhile, came in with just 12.5%.

Next up in the market share were Chinese firms Huawei, Oppo - which saw a massive growth of 121% - and Vivo.

No one can be entirely sure how the rest of Q4 will look for the two main industry titans, but we expect Apple to enjoy the Christmas surge of iPhone 7 purchases. Samsung will probably look to stay under the radar and out of the news as they gather themselves for their next flagship mobile release - likely to be the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge around March or April of 2017.

Source: CIO Dive

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