Samsung Pay release pushed back to next year

It hasn’t been a great year for Samsung. First it faced the whole ‘exploding Galaxy Note 7’ debacle, and now it’s had to push back the UK release of Samsung Pay to 2017.

The firm had promised that its payment system would arrive on our shores in 2016, but that hasn't happened yet and it's had to officially push it back. Reportedly, Samsung is still tied up in negotiations with UK banks.

"Following successful launches of Samsung Pay around the world," a spokesperson said, "we are planning to launch the service in the UK in 2017."

That stings a little, considering that the US and South Korea have had it live since 2015 - and because the company also just announced that the service will now work on most Android phones, so long as you have a Samsung wearable hooked up to it.

Samsung Pay works in exactly the same way as Apple Pay or Android Pay: you store your debit or credit card info on a secure app, then pay for things by tapping the phone on contactless terminals. In countries where it's available, you can use it anywhere that accepts contactless cards, including TfL stations.

A big difference, though, is that you can use both Apple Pay and Android Pay over here in the UK… so the lack of Samsung Pay isn't the biggest deal in the world.

The timing of the pushback hints that it might launch at the same time as its next major smartphone. We can assume that'll be the Samsung Galaxy S8, unveiling at 2017's Mobile World Congress event in February, which gives us a big clue as to when we might see the payment service.

Source: Telegraph

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