Sky Mobile is now available on broadbandchoices

Sky’s new mobile service is now listed on broadbandchoices. The new SIM-only service uses the O2 network and has some pretty attractive features, including data rollover and discounts for Sky TV customers.

Sky Mobile launched last week, and has clearly been designed around flexibility. You get to choose whether you want 1GB, 3GB or 5GB of data, and then add on unlimited calls and texts if you need them.

One particularly appealing aspect of Sky's mobile plans is data rollover. Any unused data each month is automatically moved into what Sky insists on calling a "piggybank of data". It's stored there for up to three years, and if you need to guzzle some extra gigabytes, you can withdraw it at any time. It applies for family SIM plans too - the rolled over data can be shared across multiple users.

Another thing we really like about Sky Mobile is that you can change your plan at any time. If, for example, you find you're eating through your data, or not using nearly enough to justify the plan you're on, you can simply change to different allowance.

There are some good bonuses for who also take Sky TV too, including free unlimited calls and texts for up to five users and the ability to sync your favourite shows from your Sky+ or Sky Q set top box.

Sky Mobile plans start from £10. If you want to see how that compares to other operators, then as of today, you can compare it on broadbandchoices. That means it's easy to browse Sky's different options and find the deal that's best for you.

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