Sky Mobile pre-orders to open on 31 October

Sky is about to become the latest home comms provider to throw its towel into the mobile ring. Pre-orders for Sky Mobile plans will officially open on Monday 31 October.

It hasn't revealed anything about what kind of plans it'll offer just yet, but assures us that they'll be competitive.

"From a huge amount of research, we know that two-thirds of our customers, after being shown our proposition, would consider switching to Sky," chief executive Stephen van Rooyen said.

Anyone will eventually be able to sign up to the deals, by the sound of things, but there will most likely be special offers on the table for anyone who's already subscribed to Sky broadband, TV, or home phone. The service ought to be fully launched at the start of the year.

Plans to offer mobile deals have been in the works for Sky for quite some time. It first signed a deal with O2 to use its mobile network way back in January 2015, and in its quarterly report released last week the company revealed that it had achieved some "final readiness milestones" - like live tests and securing roaming agreements.

It's hoping to grab a "substantial" chunk of the mobile market - a sector worth £15 billion - and act as a bit of a disruptor, much like it did when it launched broadband.

"The opportunity to enter and take share is substantial," van Rooyen said. "There are some obvious parallels I would like to draw between our experience in broadband and how we think of entering the mobile market."

Pre-orders will first be available for existing customers from Halloween onwards - look out for communication if you've already got Sky TV, broadband, or line rental.

Source: Guardian | Financial Times

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