Sky Mobile unveiled, lets you roll over data

After months of anticipation, Sky has finally revealed its mobile SIM plans on the aptly-named Sky Mobile network. For now, it’s just offering SIM-only deals, but says it’ll offer contracts on handsets soon - including big models from Apple and Samsung.

There are three plans available:

  • 1GB data - £10 per month
  • 3GB data - £15 per month
  • 5GB data - £20 per month

As for the issue of calls and texts, you can either:

  • Get unlimited calls and texts included automatically, if you're a Sky TV customer
  • Pay an extra £10 per month for unlimited calls and texts
  • Pay for calls and texts on a pay-as-you-go basis

All are 12-month contracts with 4G data.

So, it's not the cheapest network out there - but customers will get quite a few features that help make the price worthwhile.

For a start, you can roll over any unused data to the next month, and keeping rolling it over for up to three years. Sky also says you'll be able to change your plan's allowance whenever you want using its Mix feature - a very useful thing to have on a 12-month contract.

Chief executive Stephen van Rooyen explained how the plans came about: "We felt it was time to shake up the mobile market and give customers a completely new way to manage their mobile plan - something no one else is offering. We've designed it based on what people told us they want - it's easy flexible and transparent and it puts the customer in control."

There are also quite a few benefits for existing Sky TV customers. There are those unlimited calls and texts - which five SIMs can register for in each household - and Sky Go Extra included free of cost. There's also a new Sync feature that lets you access your TV recordings from your Sky Mobile and watch them over 4G, though this isn't compatible with Sky Q yet.

You can start signing up for contracts from mid-December, so watch this space.

Source: Sky

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