Softbank launches new Star Wars phones

Smartphone manufacturer Softbank has announced two new Star Wars-branded handsets, one representing the Light Side, and one the dark side. There’s just one Jar Jar Binks-sized problem - they’re not available in the UK.

The two phones will be released to coincide with the new Star Wars Film: Rogue One. They're Android handsets, both running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Where they differ is in appearance.

Despite coming out alongside the new film, the phone's designed around the original trilogy. The dark side handset is black (of course) and features the Imperial logo on the rear, while the light side phone is white, and has the Rebel Alliance logo on the back.

Anyone who's played the old PC game TIE Fighter knows the dark side is more fun, and indeed, we think it's the better looking of the two.

We think they look a little like the Samsung Galaxy S7, though the Galaxy specs are far, far away the better. Each phone contains a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage - expandable via a microSD card.

That's all behind a 5.3 inch 1080p screen. So fairly big, but still small enough to use with one hand, solo. (Look - everyone's already taken 'these are the Androids you're looking for' line, so cut us some slack!)

If you thought that the Star Wars branding would be limited to the design… well, we find your lack of faith disturbing. Both phones are packed full of nerdy Star Warsy-ness. The operating system matches the allegiance of the phone itself with a wallpaper that mimics the cockpit of an X-Wing, or a Tie-Fighter.

They also come pre-loaded with Star Wars emoji, ringtones and Star Wars: Force Collection. That may sound like a prequel-friendly game about intergalactic tax collectors, but it's actually a digital card game. Buyers also get five metal figurines based on the upcoming Rogue One.

The main event, though, is a media player, which will include a free copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It all sounds awesome, but as anyone who's familiar with the franchise knows, there's always a risk that something like Ewoks will turn up spoil the fun. And sure enough, here's the downside - the handsets are only available in Japan.

As R2D2 would say… [sad beep].

Source: Wired

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