Software updates killing battery life, says Which?

Have you noticed that your mobile phone’s battery life isn’t what it used to be? According to the annoyingly-punctuated consumer group Which?, updates to your operating system may be the cause.

In tests, Which? found that mobile battery life could call by as much as three hours when a handset was updated to the most recent version of its operating system.

For example, a two-year old iPhone was upgraded to iOS 10 and lost 38 minutes of battery life as a result. The Google Nexus 6P showed an even starker difference in lifespan after being upgraded to the latest version of Android - it went from 12 hours of battery life to just nine.

This is concerning, Which? says, because both operating systems claim that the latest versions improve battery life.

It's not only battery life that's affected by updates - storage also takes a hit too. The more expansive software can require more space and this can eat up valuable capacity. The most striking example of this that Which? found was a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet. That lost 30GB of storage when it was upgraded to the latest version of Windows.

It might seem tempting to avoid updates then, but we'd advise against this if possible - as well as new features, they often contain important security updates. Still, a little more transparency would be welcome.

As Richard Headland, the editor of Which? Magazine says: "Given how much we rely on mobile devices, companies should do more to tell us about the possible downsides of updates, as well as the benefits."

Source: The Telegraph

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