Super Mario on iPhone eats data as well as mushrooms

We’ve been playing a fair amount of Super Mario Run over the weekend. It’s pretty good for what it is - a stripped down Mario platformer with some clever level design and top notch presentation - but some users aren’t so happy. It seems the app’s rather data-hungry.

According to users, Super Mario Run can eat up between 40-60MB per hour. That's not ideal for mobile users on a limited data allowance - that's going to add up quickly.

The problem seems most extreme during the opening tutorial section. According to AppleInsider, the initial download that takes place at that point can use as much as 150MB. The problem was apparently exacerbated by the stress on Nintendo's servers, as millions of gamers tried to download the plumber's first mobile outing - as demand levels off, the data demands should drop.

But the game does require an internet connection to play - a controversial move that Nintendo says is to combat piracy - and this will still stomp on your download limit like Mario smushes goombas. As a result, it's best to stick to Wi-Fi to play, where you can. Not exactly ideal for a mobile game.

It's something that's not gone down to well with users. Currently, the game has a rating of two and a half stars out of five on the App Store, with many reviews pointing to the online-only nature of the as reasons for the low score.

Some users are also unhappy about the price - the first two levels are free, but after that it's £7.99 to unlock the rest. While many gamers prefer to pay for a full game upfront, those more used to free to play models based around microtransactions, are moaning that the cost is too great for the number of levels you get.

Still, in terms of downloads, the game has been a smash hit - more than 38 million people have tried the app so far.

Source: TechRadar

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