Super Mario Run releases today on iOS

The world’s most famous plumber is coming to iPhones today. Super Mario Run launches today on iOS, and will be available to download from the AppStore (if it’s not already by the time you read this).

The game looks similar to Mario's older side-scrolling titles - particularly the New Super Mario Bros series - but twists the formula by taking away movement controls. Instead, the portly plumber will run automatically, and it's up to you to time the jumps for maximum flow through the stage.

It sounds simple, but Nintendo has made a habit of wringing a lot of variety out of simple mechanics, so expect a few surprises. It's also worth noting that it's not an endless runner - it's about completing discrete levels across six world.

Other modes include a multiplayer game called Toad Rally, which sees players competing to collect coins, and Kingdom Builder - a new mode that lets you use the coins you earn in the main game to build buildings and decorations for Mario and pals.

It's the first time that Nintendo has released a smartphone game based on its most famous character - it typically reserves the plumber for its own hardware. But Nintendo's had a rough time of it as late - the 3DS has done well for it, but the Wii U console was a big flop.

Factor in the fact that mobiles have become truly dominant in its native Japan, and Mario leaping to a competitor's platform is a Very Big Deal™.

But one aspect of it has already upset some fans - you need to be online to play it. This is an anti-piracy measure, but as some gamers have pointed out, it means you can't play it on the subway or on a train route with iffy signal.

It also comes with a bigger price tag than most mobile games - £7.99. On the plus side though, there are no microtransactions or free to play systems to ruin the fun, and ultimately many will be happy to pay a bit more for quality.

Super Mario Run is only available for iOS at present, but will launch on Android at some point in 2017.

Source: BBC News

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