SwiftKey reveals 2016’s most popular emoji

2016 had us feeling very [face with tears of joy], according to SwiftKey. The custom mobile keyboard app has revealed which emojis the UK used the most this year, and once again, the face with tears of joy came up tops.

According to our emoji, it's been a very positive year, actually. All but one of the top 10 most-used symbols were happy faces, hearts, or a thumbs-up.

Our favourite emojis of the year were:

Credit: SwiftKey

Around the country, however, our emojis showed different priorities. In the UK's main cities, we used these emoji more than anywhere else:

  • Belfast - Globe
  • Birmingham - Person with folded hands
  • Bristol - Watermelon
  • Cardiff - Waving hand
  • Edinburgh - Hear no evil monkey
  • Glasgow - Left pointing backhand index
  • Leeds - Blue heart
  • Liverpool - Medium white circle
  • London - Person raising both hands in celebration
  • Manchester - Open hands sign
  • Newcastle - Bicyclist
  • Nottingham - Person bowing deeply
  • Sheffield - Open hands sign

'Face with tears of joy' sprung to notoriety after being announced 2015's word of the year, and our use of it hasn't slowed down. In fact, we've used it even more in 2016 than we did last year.

The top six emojis are exactly same as they were last year, actually - and their use makes up half of all emoji use in both years.

On the other hand, our use of some emoji has changed. The grimacing face and expressionless face doubled in usage - it's been a frustrating year, apparently - while the kiss, clapping hands, and fist bump halved.

Source: Wired

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