TalkTalk mobile, TV and fibre embraced in ‘best-ever’ three months

TalkTalk reported its “best ever results” for mobile, TV and fibre in the final three months of last year, with 50,000 people signing up to TalkTalk Mobile and 115,000 people signing up to TalkTalk TV - taking the total to 1.3 million - in that time.

The best of the best was TalkTalk Fibre Broadband - the number of folk with it increased by 88,000 - over a quarter, in fact - between October and December 2014, taking the total to just under 400,000.

TalkTalk's latest financial results also revealed TalkTalk Mobile took 11% of the UK sim-only market in December, more than Tesco Mobile and Vodafone. It began offering quad-play - mobile, TV, broadband and phone in one package - last year, becoming the second provider in the UK to do so after Virgin Media.

Tristia Harrison, managing director of consumer at TalkTalk, said: "The response we've seen to our mobile offering makes us excited about the future of quad-play, and the fact that we continue to be Britain's fastest-growing TV service demonstrates the huge demand from consumers for flexible, value-for-money packages."

Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk, said the provider's decision to offer quad-play was made to "save customers more money" rather than "defend a premium broadband, pay TV or mobile base".

BT and Sky are aiming to offer quad-play in the near future, with the former buying EE, the UK's most popular mobile network, and the latter teaming up with Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica, which owns O2, to launch a mobile network.

As a result of it gaining more mobile, TV and fibre customers than ever before, TalkTalk's revenue increased by 4.2 % between October and December 2014. However, it was forced to put long-term cost-saving plans - which had a target of up to £15million this year - on the back burner, in part so it could concentrate on improving customer service for those products.

It must be on the right track, as the results also showed that broadband 'churn', which basically means the number of broadband customers lost, was at its lowest-ever level.

Tempted by TalkTalk's recent triumphs? You can find out what TalkTalk deals are available where you live in seconds by putting your postcode into a price comparison website. To make sure the information you see is accurate and comprehensive, use one accredited by UK communications regulator Ofcom. Like this one.

Sources: The Daily Telegraph, Reuters, TalkTalk

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