The best Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-order deals today

On Sunday, Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9. As per usual, it's the star of the show at MWC 2018, and comes with a few upgrades on the company's previous handsets.

Admittedly, it only offers a few slight improvements on the oldGalaxy S8 - but given that the S8 was easily the best Android phoneof last year, any improvement is like polishing a diamond to aglistening sparkle.

It looks just about identical to the S8, featuring the same5.8-inch 'Infinity' display that covers almost the entire front ofthe phone. On the back, it's shiny glass, in either black, blue, ora new lilac colour.

The big S9 news, however, is in the camera. Unlike anysmartphone before it, you can change the aperture on the lens soit's the right kind to take the picture you want. For instance, youcan make it wider to capture low light shots.

The video recording has a few tricks up its sleeve too, mostlyin the form of a super slow-motion mode that can record at 960frames per second in HD.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Galaxy launch without anaccompanying 'Plus' model: the Samsung Galaxy S9+. This one hasmore screen real estate - it's 6.2 inches in size - and dual-lenscameras on the back for even better pictures. It also has more RAMthan the regular S9 (6GB, compared to 4GB), so it can handle moretasks at once without stalling.

Pre-orders on both phones opened on 25 February and areavailable now, to be shipped on 16 March. The S9 costs £739outright, and the S9+ £869 - though contract deals are available onboth.

We've gathered up a few of the best…

Best S9 deals

It works out better value to go for a shorter contract with ahigher upfront cost. If you're happy to pay more today, it'sultimately cheaper in the long term - and you can upgrade yourhandset quicker as well.

Best for a low monthly cost

  • 5GB data, 500 minutes, unlimited texts
  • £13.50 per month, £689 upfront, 12-month contract
  • Vodafone via Carphone Warehouse

This is a fantastically good value deal - £13.50 for 5GB monthlydata is excellent, and it's a 12-month contract so you can upgradenext year.

Best for high data allowance

  • 16GB data, unlimited minutes and texts
  • £36 per month, £599 upfront, 12-month contract
  • O2 via Carphone Warehouse

A whopping 16GB of monthly data is perfect for anyone who'sglued to their phone, and needs enough 4G juice to stream Netflix,listen to podcasts, download files, and upload those high-res picsand slow-mo videos.

Best short contract

  • 2GB data, unlimited minutes and texts
  • £21 per month, £699 upfront, 1-month contract
  • O2 via Carphone Warehouse

Don't want to be tied into a contract at all? This is ourfavourite short-term deal. It comes with 2GB monthly data, but youcan change that next month if it doesn't suit you.

Best S9 deals with no upfront cost

If you'd rather not pay anything today, and prefer to spread thecost of the handset out over the course of the contract, try a noupfront cost deal:

S9 dealswith no upfront cost

S9Plus deals with no upfront cost

Best unlimited data S9 deals

Although they're not offered by many networks, Samsung Galaxy S9deals are available with an unlimited data allowance. See themhere:

Unlimiteddata S9 deals

Unlimited data S9 Plus deals

All deals on this page are correct at the time of writing - themost accurate pricing can be found on the retailer's website.

If none of them appeal, compare all Samsung Galaxy S9 dealshere:

Samsung Galaxy S9 deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus deals

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