There’s a new OnePlus phone coming next week

OnePlus is set to release a brand new smartphone this week, according to a cryptic tweet. The company helpfully did not give away too many details about the new OnePlus 3T with its mini-announcement, but speculation is very much beginning.

OnePlus has been known in recent years as having truly top ofthe range smartphones at midrange prices, and this theme is lookingto continue, with the proposed edition of the OnePlus 3T -essentially a boosted version of the already existing OnePlus3.

The 3T is likely to contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip,which to you and me basically means 'more power' - something youalways want in a smartphone.

The OnePlus 3T is probably only going to be the third phone tocontain the all-guns-blazing 821 chip, with the only two previousbeing the recently released Google Pixel and Pixel XL. It'ssupposedly 10% faster than the previous iteration, the 820, so intheory we can look forward to getting everything done that littlebit faster.

The 821 does more than just add 10% of oomph to a phone though -it can also handle Google's VR Daydream, so we can all look forwardto riding rollercoasters, playing mini-games, and engaging in otherPG-rated virtual reality activities with our respective 3Ts.

Along with the new chipset, it's also expected to ship with thenew Android Nougat, plus a massive 3,300mAh battery.

More OnePlus news is set to come on Tuesday 15 November, so besure to stay tuned to the OnePlus Twitteraccount to be the first to hear about developments.

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