Virgin Media signs five year mobile deal with BT

Virgin Media has signed a new deal with BT to keep using the EE network. The broadband and mobile provider looked at signing with other networks, including Three and O2, but decided to renew its contract instead.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Virgin Media needs to share an existing network to deliver mobile services to customers. It was the first operator of this type in the UK, and is now the second biggest MVNO in the UK - Tesco Mobile is number one.

The new contract with BT - which owns EE - will run until the end of 2021. According to sources, speaking to the Financial Times, EE's widespread 4G coverage was one of the biggest reasons Virgin Media decided to stick with the network.

The new contract will allow Virgin greater access to the network, and more control over the data and services it offers. This is important because it could allow it to better integrate mobile with its broadband and TV packages.

Peter Kelly, Virgin Mobile's managing director, said: "This winning combination with EE will give Virgin Mobile even more control and firepower to deliver innovative services to the UK mobile market. Virgin Mobile customers want fast speeds, flexibility and plans packed full of data - we're going to continue to deliver."

Source: Financial Times

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