Vodafone gives customers free access to UK’s top magazines

From today, Vodafone customers can sign up for one month’s access to magazine app Readly. The deal means that you’ll be able to read the likes of Top Gear, Elle and - most excitingly - The Beano on your smartphone or tablet.

Readly is an app that lets you read as many magazines as youlike a month for a set monthly subscription charge. Basically, it'sNetflix for magazines - and I hate myself for resorting to thatlazy cliché, but its Monday and I haven't had breakfast yet.

Now, Vodafone has made a deal with the service to give peoplesigned up to its pay monthly or pay as you go plans a month's freeaccess to all the magazine-y goodness. If, after a month, youdecide you want to keep using Readly, you can sign up for £7.99 amonth, which will be added to your monthly Vodafone bill, or takenfrom your credit each month.

Magazines you'll be able to read include Heat Magazine, OKMagazine, Cosmopolitan, Horse and Hound, Men's Health, HelloMagazine, Marie Claire, Red, Mojo and Q. And, of course, you cansecretly read the Beano - don't pretend you won't.

The Readly app will be available for use on up to five devices,so it can be shared with family and friends, and magazines can beread online or downloaded to read later.

David James, Vodafone's Head of Commercial Marketing, said: "Thedays of reading old issues of magazines in waiting rooms arenumbered. We are delighted to be an exclusive partner of Readly inthe UK so that our customers can receive full access to all themost popular magazines from their mobile device.

"The service is simple and intuitive to use with nopre-registration required and no usernames or passwords toremember. Also, no credit card or other payment information isneeded since a customer can add the charge to their existing billas well as cancel it at any time. It is yet another initiative toprovide customers with fast, reliable and easy-to-use products andservices which provide worry-free connectivity to the things thatmatter to them."

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