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  • Google Fit finally comes to Android

    Months ago, Google announced Google Fit; an application that tracks and reports people’s movement and exercise, to support health and fitness regimes. Now, the firm say the application is… More »

  • EE 4G+ to make the headache of using mobile internet on trains history

    For train commuters, it’s a familiar story - you’re tired after a hard day at work, you’ve managed to get yourself a seat, and now you want to relax… More »

  • Motorola Droid Turbo unveiled

    It’s strange how excited we can get when a new smartphone gets unveiled. If you’re amongst the mobile mania mob, prepare for a thrill: Motorola has just announced the… More »

  • What happens if BT launches mobile?

    Something’s afoot in the telecoms industry. A big beast is stirring, and the smaller critters don’t like it. Let’s dispense with the children’s fiction metaphors - according to Reuters,… More »