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  • Kodak launches smartphone with really good camera

    Classic camera company Kodak has revealed its latest foray into the photography market: a smartphone with a high-powered camera, called the Kodak Ektra and inspired by its vintage range… More »

  • Apple to make iPhone 4 'obsolete’

    If you’re still using an iPhone 4, it may be time to think about switching. From the end of the month, Apple will no longer issue any updates to… More »

  • Sky confirms that Sky Mobile is on its way

    Yesterday, Sky released its latest quarterly report, in which it revealed a 5% rise in revenue… and confirmation that Sky Mobile is coming pretty soon. More »

  • Mobile adverts officially cost more than desktop ads

    According to a study into ad spending by IAB UK and PwC, firms are spending more money on mobile adverts than they are on desktop browser ads for the… More »

  • Smartphone payments ‘tripled’ in the last year

    We Europeans just can’t get enough of paying for stuff with our mobiles, it seems. Visa’s latest Digital Payments Study has found that payments via mobile have tripled in… More »

  • Turn off your Galaxy Note 7, Samsung urges

    Samsung has told people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their device, amid new reports of the phone catching fire. It’s also suspended production and withdrawn… More »

  • EE takes crown for best 4G, surprising nobody

    According to a new report from OpenSignal and Which?, the best 4G in the country comes from - surprise, surprise - EE. The network recorded average download speeds of… More »

  • Google scraps Nexus and launches new Pixel phone

    Google has finally launched its own home-made smartphone - the Pixel and Pixel XL, two phones that run pure Android and are compatible with the company’s VR tech. More »

  • Android phones might lose the headphone jack too

    We may have all sneered at Apple when it cut the headphone socket from the iPhone 7, but techsperts reckon the same change may be on the way for… More »

  • Here’s what you can watch on Sky’s new VR app

    Digital telly provider Sky has launched a new VR app, and a bunch of virtual reality and 360-degree content to go along with it. It’s available for anyone to… More »

  • BlackBerry to quit making smartphones

    BlackBerry, the firm once renowned for its innovative and, uh, unique smartphone designs, has announced that it won’t be designing mobile phones. Instead, the company will focus on its… More »

  • Ofcom wants YOU to help with its mobile research project

    Ofcom has an important quest for Android users of the UK: download its mobile research app and help crowdsource data on mobile coverage for the whole country. More »

  • A third of Brits check their phones at night

    People in the UK are so attached to their mobiles that a third check them in the middle of the night. That’s according to a new survey from research… More »

  • The EU has finally agreed to abolish roaming charges

    Recently proposed plans to ban roaming charges for 90 days a year in the European Union have been scrapped. Instead, new rules say that travellers moving between countries in… More »

  • Vodafone to block nuisance callers en masse

    Vodafone has joined the war on nuisance calls, having installed a new kind of call barring technology on its network exchange that lets it block spam callers in bulk.… More »

  • iPhone 7 users say their phones are ‘hissing’ at them

    Move over, Bendgate and Antennagate - there’s a new bizarre iPhone issue in town. Owners of the new iPhone 7 have reported that the phone is making hissing noises… More »

  • Mobile networks may get fined for poor coverage

    A new proposal may give Ofcom the power to fine mobile networks if they don’t fix coverage ‘not spots’ across the country, particularly in rural areas where coverage is… More »

  • New iPhone iMessage GIF search brings up adult images

    Did you know that there’s a subculture of… ahem - ‘adult’ images based on the cartoon show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic? Do you feel better for knowing… More »

  • RAC says mobile phone use while driving is at “epidemic proportions”

    According to a new survey by the RAC, a third of drivers use their mobile phone behind the wheel, despite it being illegal. Many also use their handsets to… More »

  • iOS 10 released for iPhones, iPads, and iPods

    Apple has officially released its latest operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 10 - and it’s available for you to download right now. More »

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