4K ultra HD TV streaming arrives on Amazon Prime Instant Video in UK

Recently treated yourself to an ultra HD 4K TV? Or you’re hoping Santa will bring you one? Then you’ll be interested you to hear that Amazon Prime Instant Video is the latest film and TV streaming service to offer ultra HD content in the UK and at no extra cost.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Instant Video, you can now watch Amazon Original Series' including Alpha House and Transparent, plus a range of other TV shows and films, in ultra HD, which is basically twice as defined as full HD.

You'll need a compatible television to do this though, which are currently limited to Sony's range of 4K TVs, although it should be available on models by LG and Samsung in 2015.

Michael Paull, vice-president of Amazon Digital Video, said: "We want to deliver the best entertainment experience, and offering ultra HD movies and TV shows raises the bar on quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from Amazon.

"We're also excited that ultra HD is the latest benefit of the Amazon Prime membership, giving members instant access to great movies and TV shows in a premium picture resolution at no additional cost."

Netflix introduced 4K streaming earlier this year, but charges more for it.

If you want to stream in ultra HD, you'll need pretty fast broadband as well as a compatible TV and an Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription, as you'll need a download speed of around 15Mb to do it, and that's without taking anything else connected to your broadband into account.

The fastest broadband widely available in the UK is Virgin Media's up to 152Mb broadband. BT, Hyperoptic and some other providers offer faster, but availability is very limited. Over 75% of homes and businesses in the UK can now get fibre optic broadband though - use a postcode checker like ours to see if you can get it.

Sources: BBC News, Digital Spy, Pocket-lint

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