Are kids ditching traditional TV for YouTube? Survey says: sort of

Are your kids more likely to watch stuff online than watch television? According to UK communications warden Ofcom, older children watch far less traditional TV than adults and far more short video clips on websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Ofcom's Digital Day 2014 children's study found that those aged between 11 and 15 are now watching just one hour 32 minutes of live TV a day, which is almost half the average viewing time of adults, who currently watch almost three hours-worth a day.

That was our reaction to PewDiePie

There's a clear shift towards on-demand by the younger generation, with 11-15-year-olds watching short online video clips for 33 minutes day on average, dwarfing the five-minute average for adults.

The trend is likely to be due in part to the increasing popularity of vloggers - that's video bloggers to you, grandma - such as PewDiePie and Bethany Mota, who despite being teeth-grindingly irritating have millions of subscribers.

Ofcom's research found online video clips now account for a fifth of all viewing by those aged between 11 and 15. In contrast, they make up just 2% of all viewing by adults, although adults do spend a greater proportion of time each week watching TV on-demand using the likes of 4oD and BBC iPlayer.

While the way we watch TV is changing, the humble telly box isn't going anywhere anytime soon - 94% of the adults surveyed by Ofcom still watch traditional 'live' TV every week, as do 90% of 6-11-year-olds. In fact, even 78% of the online video clip-crazy 11-15 age range still watch some regular television.

Virgin Media must have seen this coming - the provider added a YouTube channel to its TiVo TV service last year. You can also get the likes of that, Vevo and Vimeo on your TV with an internet-connected box or dongle such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast or NOW TV.

Sources: Advanced Television , Common Sense Media

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