BBC announces plans to revamp iPlayer

The BBC has announced that iPlayer will be redesigned over the next few years. The broadcaster wants the catch-up service to evolve to the point where it can directly compete with companies like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon.

The plans were announced by Lord Hall, the director general of the BBC, as the broadcaster enters the next charter period. Hall states that "iPlayer was the biggest revolution of the last charter", but he believes it must "make the leap from a catch-up service to a must-visit destination in its own right."

The goal is to make iPlayer the biggest online streaming service in the UK by 2020, and to do so, the Beeb will have to double the number of people who use it and quadruple the amount of time spent watching shows.

To that end, the service will likely see some big changes in the coming years, based around three 'priorities': creativity, culture and global ambition.

It's not exactly clear what the BBC means by this, but some have speculated that the company will look to its rivals for inspiration. For example, it could allow users to access whole series at a time before they're on TV, allowing for the binge-watching marathons we enjoy on Netflix and Amazon. It's already tested the waters for this approach with Peter Kay's Car Share.

It will also put a greater focus on 'slow news' - more in-depth investigations and analysis into news stories to sit alongside the standard day to day events.

Hall says: "In a world of near-limitless choice, I want people to carry on choosing us.

"I want us to have shown that public service broadcasting has even more to offer Britain and the world in the next century - even more than it has done in its first 100 years. That excites me."

Source: BBC

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