BBC unveils new CBBC logo that doesn’t say CBBC

The BBC has revealed a new logo for CBBC - the first revamp the channel’s branding has received since 2007. The new design has sparked discussion online, as it doesn’t clearly say CBBC, and - as the BBC controller admits - “doesn’t scream children’s TV”.

Even if you don't have sprogs of your own, most of you will be familiar with the old CBBC logo. You know, this one:

Ol' greenie was introduced nine years ago - not a bad run by any means. Now though, it's been replaced by a more modern design, which BBC controller Cheryl Taylor describes as a "colourful and versatile identity that is box fresh and fit for purpose in a mercurial and constantly shifting media landscape." Which is just about the most wince-inducing marketing-y quote we've ever read.

Anyway, here's the new logo in all its glory:

So why the change? According to Taylor, the old logo wasn't designed to account for the various ways people watch now shows - PCs, tablets, phones and like. So it needed a change.

"We are now the proud owners of a versatile and dynamic logo which works in every space and is designed to appeal to both ends of our broad age spectrum. Whether on large-screen TVs or hand-held devices our new brand identity is bright, mischievous and sophisticated - just like the CBBC audience."

Reaction to the new logo online seems to be mostly negative, with Twitter users mocking it for being "difficult for children to read" or disturbingly close to a fictional logo from spoof BBC sitcom W1A. Taylor admits that the new logo's a little more conservative than the old one:

She said: "Our new logo is not overt, it doesn't scream 'children's TV' but its various iterations are fun and unpredictable and have broad appeal."

Source: The Guardian

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