EE TV goes on sale - and it’s free with EE broadband. Kind of.

EE TV is go. The EE TV box, which the mobile network unveiled last month, is now available to buy in EE shops across the country. If you’re an EE mobile customer you can get the box - apparently worth £300 - free of charge if you sign up to an EE broadband package.

EE is calling EE TV "the UK's most advanced TV service" because its set-top box allows four different channels, recordings or on-demand films and programmes to be watched on up to four separate TVs, tablets or smartphones at the same time thanks to its four HD tuners.

This is "one of TV's famous Gogglebox families" apparently...

So, basically EE TV going on sale is pretty great news if you find regularly find yourself arguing with your significant other/housemates/children because you all want to watch something different at the same time.

EE TV gives you access to 70 Freeview channels and catch up on stuff you've missed via the likes of BBC iPlayer and Demand 5. Unfortunately there's no Netflix or NOW TV, but you can rent and buy films and TV series to watch on-demand through

The EE box can record from six channels at once and store up to 600 hours of standard TV and 300 hours of HD TV. It also lets you pause and rewind live TV, while the Replay feature means, if you tune into one of your favourite programmes halfway through, you can skip back to the beginning.

The EE TV app means you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, as well as browse the TV guide and set stuff you want to record without interrupting what you're currently watching.

...and this is Flicking.

Undoubtedly the neatest thing about EE TV is Flick. Basically, if you're watching something on your smartphone or tablet using the EE TV app, and you decide you want to watch it on TV instead, you can do so simply by flicking it from your small screen to your big screen simply by sweeping your fingers over the former.

The launch of EE TV further increases the competitiveness when it comes to TV options in the UK. Providers are now adding more features to their packages in order to woo you, with as BT, TalkTalk and YouView all recently announcing they're getting Netflix, allowing you to stream its library of films and TV series directly onto your telly box.

If you're an EE mobile customer and you fancy getting EE TV'd up, EE TV and broadband plans start from £9.95 a month plus £15.75 line rental a month.

Sources: CNet UK, EE, HITC Tech

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