Hollyoaks is the ‘healthiest’ TV soap, says study

Which TV shows offer the best healthspiration? A study by Fitness First has named Hollyoaks as the healthiest soap on telly, with characters exercising the most, drinking less, and eating better than they do in other soaps.

In Hollyoaks, characters were the most active - they sit down for just 15% of the time, and 13 instances of jogging, walking, or playing sports were logged - and didn't smoke on screen at all throughout the study.

EastEnders came second in the healthiness ranks, losing a few points for having too many nights out (complete with binge-drinking, we assume). Emmerdale and Coronation Street, meanwhile, came out on the bottom.

Emmerdale was by far the "booziest" soap - characters drank a whopping 46 alcoholic drinks in the research period - though on the plus side they didn't order many calorific takeaways. The worst diets belonged to the Coronation Street residents, who also drank 40 alcoholic drinks and spent almost a third of their screen time sitting down.

The soaps' crews defended their characters' lifestyles, arguing that although there are a lot of drinks being served, it's mostly because the pub is a good place for storylines to progress a little.

"We present a balanced view of alcohol consumption, healthy eating and the lifestyles of our characters," a Corrie spokesperson said. "We take our responsibilities for these issues seriously. Characters do frequent the pub but we also see them engaging in exercise and we have explored lifestyle related health issues through many different storylines."

Likewise, an Emmerdale spokesperson said: "Characters regularly meet in the pub where the focus is on story as opposed to alcohol intake. We present a balanced view of alcohol as we take our responsibilities for portraying alcohol consumption seriously."

Fitness First ain't impressed, though. "Hollyoaks has demonstrated perfectly that we can play hard and still incorporate healthy habits along the way," Lee Matthews from the firm said.

Source: BBC

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